• [Info-ingres] Ingres Release Notes Version 3.0/23c

    From Roy Hann@21:1/5 to you on Mon Feb 22 09:23:23 2021
    I dunno. A daisy-wheel printer is kind of nostalgic.

    Release 3...

    When I think I might be getting nostalgic I remind myself that on Unix
    (Ultrix in my case) Release 3 locking was implemented by a device
    driver, shipped as source. You had to compile it then re-link the kernel
    to install Ingres. It was a harrowing two-day job. And for some reason
    which I no longer remember it had to be done using the console, which
    was a DECwriter. Horrendous--just better than the alternatives at the


    Monday, February 22, 2021, 7:57:13 AM, you wrote:

    Fully Justified text….those were the days.

    If only it was printed on a Dot-Matrix! I’d get all nostalgic if it was.



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