• DBMS Benchmark code ? Who's fastest ?

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    Orri Erling 在 1996年4月11日 星期四下午3:00:00 [UTC+8] 的信中寫道:
    Does anybody have implementations of the TPC or other DBMS
    benchmarks on the ODBC API ?
    An implementation of those benchmarks on Oracle’s dynamic SQL
    API would also be of interest.
    The TPC documents do have sample implementations in C and
    embedded SQL but that is not likely to be the
    code actually used in performing the measurements.
    We have a new ORDBMS called Kubl that we would like to
    benchmark against the relational performance
    leaders. You are welcome to check out www.infosto.fi/kubl for
    information on the new contender.

    Orri Erling

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