• Object oriented programming language native to EAV

    From sergei.sheinin@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Roy Hann on Sun Aug 27 01:34:03 2017
    Hello Roy,

    Invincibly :) sorry took so long to get back, project finally under way since less than two months ago.

    You may finally see it at http://visualdatasynthesis.com

    The Gui will expand a lot, and server side is still in development. So check back to the website soon again! :)

    On Monday, April 22, 2013 at 2:57:46 PM UTC+7, Roy Hann wrote:
    sergei.sheinin@gmail.com wrote:

    A project dedicated to a nested key-value pair programming language native to the Entity Attribute Value database schema. The environment is a Relational Database Management System specifically Postgres 9. Wholly implemented with Procedural SQL.
    Employs key-value translator vernacular to the EAV data model. Stores data objects, object metadata definitions and program code. Programs are executed with SQL commands. Has characteristics of a column-oriented database.


    Are you back with this again Sergei?!

    Are you invincibly stupid?


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