• Rettig lib for Clipper 5.0 now in P.D.

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    On Thursday, October 25, 1990 at 11:11:04 AM UTC-7, Tom Rombouts wrote:
    Clipper users out there may be interested to know that Tom Rettig
    has released the current, and apparently final, version of his
    add-on library (version 1.20) into the Public Domain. He is distributing
    a .ZIP file of it to BBS's around the country. This text is provided:

    "TRL4CL.ZIP is the same award-winning software that sold thousands
    of copies at $99.95. In 1986, this was the first third-party library developed for Clipper, FoxBASE+ and dBASE III PLUS. All rights were
    released into the Public Domain by Tom Rettig Associates on October
    22, 1990. Works with both Clipper 5.0 and Summer '87, and includes
    complete source code." [ mostly C, some .ASM ]

    In an era of increasing of increasing software litigation and
    protectiveness, this is interesting.

    Tom Rombouts Torrance Techie tomr@ashtate.A-T.com V:(213)538-7108


    FREEBASE.exe and FREEBASE.prg are derivative works from the DOT.PRG program I wrote as a parser testing exercise.

    Tom, Leonard, and I were in Tom's Marina Del Rey office when I showed them DOT.EXE a compiled version of the DOT.PRG sample program.

    Tom or Leonard had the inspiration to put a wrapper on it and call it 'FREEBASE.EXE'. When you run FREEBASE.EXE you would get a 'dot' prompt '.' on a blank screen. just like our favorite version on DBASE II.

    Been a long time now.

    Kevin Shepherd

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