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    Hi Everyone:

    I hope you are all having a great Holiday Season. Upcoming in February 2017 is Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing in Düsseldorf, Germany. More information below.

    Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing is being held February 2-3, 2017, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The role of data in manufacturing has traditionally been understated. Manufacturing generates about a third of all data today, and this is certainly
    going to increase significantly in the future. Data forms the backbone of all Digital Manufacturing technologies, which will be the centerpiece of the strategy for advancing Manufacturing in the 21st century.

    Rarely does a German-language term become an international buzzword. Even more rarely does such a term come from a government initiative. The German federal government has created such a miracle of innovation by shaping the term "industry 4.0" at the
    Hanover fair in 2011 as the interlacing of industrial production with intelligent information technology. Since then, much has been written and talked about Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Factories and Artificial Intelligence. With
    Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing, we are taking a step further: our speakers will show you what they have already done in practice with well-known companies and what economic benefits the companies have drawn from it.

    Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Düsseldorf is packed with the top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, and business thought leaders, including keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst, Distinguished University Professor, Eindhoven
    University of Technology.

    The lectures at Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing are presented by experts for experts and presents specific applications and business scenarios of predictive analytics in the context of industrial production. As a participant you will get to know
    the application possibilities of predictive analytics in the broad range and learn how the presented solutions work in detail. Predictive Analytics World would like to both inform and inspire and is a forum for the professional exchange of experienced
    experts and interested (cross) beginners.

    PAW Manufacturing focuses on real-world examples of deployed predictive analytics. Attend and hear how some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking manufacturers are tapping the powering predictive modeling to improve business outcomes. Click
    here to view the agenda at-a-glance.

    The PAW Manufacturing agenda covers hot topics and advanced methods such as forecasting, cost and price modeling, supply chain connectivity, warranty data analytics, text mining for product development, visualization and dashboards, fault detection,
    failure prediction, in-process verification tools, machine system/sensor health, process monitoring and correction, product data mining, Big Data generation and management, and the Internet of Things.

    Objectives of the Conference:

    • Showcase the features and advantages of deploying Predictive Analytics and Big Data techniques within manufacturing community
    • Exchange ideas and communicate awareness of tools and resources which enable companies to jumpstart adoption of Predictive Analytics and Big Data.

    Two broad themes will be the focus of the conference -

    Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Operations:
    • Forecasting
    • Cost and Price modeling
    • Supply chain connectivity
    • Warranty data analytics
    • Text mining for product development
    • Visualization and Dashboards

    Predictive Analytics for Smart Manufacturing:
    • Predictive Maintenance & Logistics
    • Outlier & Anomaly Detection
    • Fault Prediction & Failure Detection
    • Risk Management & Prevention
    • Supply Chain Analytics
    • Image & Video Recognition
    • Internet of Things & Smarte Sensoren
    • Stream Mining & Real-time Prediction
    • Machine, Ensemble & Deep Learning
    • Process Mining & Network Analyses
    • Model Management & Model Factory

    Join PAW Manufacturing and access the best keynotes, sessions, workshops, exposition, expert panel, live demos, networking coffee breaks, reception, birds-of-a-feather lunches, brand-name enterprise leaders, and industry heavyweights in the business.

    Register by January 13, 2017 and save up to €300: http://predictiveanalyticsworld.de/manufacturing/anmelden/

    Bring the Team Offer: Each additional and simultaneously registered participant of the same company receives €100 discount on the registration fee 1-day ticket and €200 discount on the registration fee 2-day ticket. [Discounts may not be combined.]

    What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/guide

    If you'd like our informative event updates, sign up at: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/signup-us.php

    To sign up for the PAW group on LinkedIn, see: www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1005097

    Follow PAW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pawcon/

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