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    Hi everyone:

    Be sure to mark your calendars in 2016 for Predictive Analytics World for Business in San Francisco, April 3-7, 2016. More information is below. Happy holidays to everyone.

    Predictive Analytics World for Business, April 3-7, 2016 in San Francisco (http://www.pawcon.com/sanfrancisco/2016), is the leading event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial
    deployment of predictive analytics, across industries and across software vendors. The conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to achieve three objectives:

    * The best of data science: Deliver on the promise of data science
    * Bigger wins: Strengthen the business impact delivered by predictive analytics
    * Broader capabilities: Establish new opportunities with predictive analytics
    * Big data: Leverage bigger data for prediction and drive bigger value

    PAW SF is set to be one of the largest cross-vendor predictive analytics events ever. The program is packed with the top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders, including keynote addresses from: Patrick Surry,
    Chief Data Scientist at Hopper; Kim Larsen, Director of Client Algorithms at Stitch Fix; and Eric Siegel, Conference Founder of Predictive Analytics World; plus a special plenary session from industry heavy-weight, Dr. John Elder, CEO & Founder of Elder

    Case Studies: How Leading Enterprises Do it: Predictive Analytics World focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics. Hear from the horse's mouth precisely how Fortune 500 analytics competitors and other top practitioners deploy
    predictive modeling, and what kind of business impact it delivers. Click here to view the agenda at a glance.

    PAW's SF 2016 program is the richest and most diverse yet, featuring over 30 sessions across 3 tracks: 1) "All Levels," 2) "Expert/Practitioner," and 3) Financial Services -- to show you how predictive analytics is being used by Autodesk, Can I Rank?,
    Capital One, Chase, CIBC, City of Boston, Experian, GE, Hewlett Packard, Hopper, Incapsula, Lynda.com, Telenor, Mashable, Microsoft, Omaha Public Power District, PayPal, The Co-operators, WPC, Stitch Fix, US Bank, a large domestic car manufacturer and
    major fashion and apparel retailer.

    PAW San Francisco's agenda will cover hot topics and advanced methods such as Automotive applications, B2B sales, churn modeling, cross-enterprise deployment, crowdsourcing predictive analytics, deep learning, design of experiment, employee theft
    detection, energy, Hadoop for predictive analytics, healthcare analytics, insurance, intrusion detection, modeling methods (algorithms), network security, omni-channel, open source tools, optimizing public safety outreach, predictive maintenance,
    predicting virality on social media, predictive audit planning, predictive investing (VC), predictive SEO ("reverse-engineering Google"), predicting virality on social media, revenue modeling, self-serve prediction, social media applications and uplift


    1. PAW Workforce - www.pawcon.com/workforce - cross-registration options available.

    2. Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast - (www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/patimes/executive-breakfast/): Join Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World, for an eye-opening executive breakfast -- witness an accessible, concrete
    overview of how predictive analytics drives actionable value.

    WORKSHOPS: PAW also features several full-day pre- and post-conference workshops that complement the core conference program.

    Attend PAW and access keynotes, sessions, workshops and expert panels delivered by industry heavyweights and senior analytics executives from some of the world's biggest brands. The event also features a robust exposition, live demos, and unparalleled
    opportunities to network with your peers.

    Cross-Industry Applications:

    PAW is the only conference of its kind, delivering vendor-neutral sessions across a wide range of verticals, including banking, insurance & financial services, education, government, healthcare, travel & hospitality, power & energy, non-profits, and
    retail. In addition to the industry-specific content, PAW SF is designed to help analytics professionals from every vertical understand and act upon the common core predictive modeling technologies, similar project overhead and data requirements, and
    common process challenges and analytical hurdles they face.

    Articles and blog entries about PAW can be found at pawcon.com/pressroom.php

    ASSESS AND SELECT THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGIES. Meet the industry's top solutions providers, discover new solutions, and compare vendor offerings. The Predictive Analytics World Expo Hall is best place to research and identify new vendor/partner prospects.

    COLLEAGUES. Mingle, network and hang out with the industry's best and brightest. Exchange experiences over lunch, coffee breaks and the conference reception connecting with those professionals who face the same challenges as you.

    GET STARTED. If you're new to predictive analytics, kicking off a new initiative, or exploring new ways to position it at your organization, there's no better place to get your bearings than Predictive Analytics World. See what other companies are doing,
    experience vendor demos, participate in discussions with the experts, network with your colleagues, and weigh your options!

    View agenda overview: http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2016/agenda_overview.php

    For more information: http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2016/

    Registration: http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/register.php.

    Three Ways to Save:

    1. Super Early Bird Registration by December 18, 2015 and save up to $600.

    2. Take $150 off the Early Bird or the Advance Two Day Pass registration fee with this posting's promotional discount code: GOO150.

    3. Each additional attendee from the same company registered at the same time receives an extra $200 off the Two Day Pass.

    What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/guide

    If you'd like our informative event updates, sign up at: www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/signup-us.php

    To sign up for the PAW group on LinkedIn, see: www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1005097

    Follow PAW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pawcon/

    For inquiries e-mail regsupport@risingmedia.com.

    Predictive Analytics World San Francisco - April 3-7, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2016/
    Predictive Analytics Times Executive Breakfast - April 5, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/patimes/executive-breakfast/
    Predictive Analytics World for Workforce - April 3-6, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/workforce/2016/
    Predictive Analytics World Chicago - June 20-23, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/chicago/
    Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing Chicago - June 21-22, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/mfg/
    Predictive Analytics World New York - Oct 24-27, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com
    Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare - Oct 24-27, 2016 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/health/
    Text Analytics World New York - Oct 24-27, 2016 - http://www.textanalyticsworld.com
    PAW Videos: Available on-demand - www.pawcon.com/video

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