• Q: easy way to list columns on a table in ISQL?

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    On Friday, January 12, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Terry Miesse wrote:
    Check out sp_help <tablename>

    In article <4d5nol$gln@maverick.tad.eds.com>, "Robert M. Zegarac" <lnusspo1.gzkgl5@eds.com> writes:
    Is there an easy was in ISQL to list the columns contained in a table?
    I find myself in ISQL and don't remember col names I want to query on. Then I have to dig out the doco. I vaguely remember a command (I think
    it was DRAW) that was used in QMF (DB/2) to create a query that listed every column. Is there something similar? TIA.


    Robert M. Zegarac


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    thank you very much. that was a great help

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