• Re: Why is Sybase running my query so slow?

    From Jes St. Clare@21:1/5 to gle...@mindspring.com on Wed Oct 25 14:40:14 2023
    On Wednesday, 19 November 1997 at 08:00:00 UTC, gle...@mindspring.com wrote:
    I am trying to get the following wuery to run under Sybase 11.0 for WindowsNT:
    select product_tag, market_tag, period_tag, "modalp", catgry_cd,
    from tmp_modal
    group by product_tag, market_tag, period_tag
    having pricecount=Max(pricecount) and ad_price=Max(ad_price)
    the problem is that it is running extremely slow ( about 1.5 rows per
    second) even though it is the only job running on a dual Pentium Pro
    machine with an Ultra-wide SCSI RAID controller. Whats really strange
    is that there is virtually no hard drive activity and the SQL server
    is only using 50% of CPU time ( the other half is the system idle
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Glen Koundry
    I just googled 'why is synapse so slow?' (we're running a migration project to the cloud), and the top answer is this 26 year old thread! Somehow I doubt the thread has anything relevant to add LOL! ...kinda cool to see though!

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