• Please help....Unable to Connect to Databases

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    On Saturday, 24 August 2002 21:46:37 UTC-7, Kyleen wrote:
    Hi. Ok, I hope I explain this well enough...I have a UNIX server that
    is running Sybase.... in turn, allowing my users to access the
    databases. I am running a NT 4.0 LAN. Only a few users have problems accessing the databases...the errors are:

    -Database #1-
    Seed Account creation failed:
    This error is usually caused by a failed connection to the database.
    Make sure the database server is up and your desktop login and
    password are valid for the database to which you are connecting.

    Distributed Communications Error
    Setsockopt call failed with the server error WSAENOBUFS, (72D)

    -Database #2-
    Unable to CONNECT. Check user name and password.

    Transaction Error Code : 100
    Database Error Code : 3
    DBMS : SYC Sybase System 10
    Database : supply
    User ID : ttaylor
    DBParm :
    Login ID : ttaylor
    ServerName : NTCSS_RSUP
    AutoCommit : False
    Database Error Message: ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal
    net library error:
    Unable to find an available protocol driver structure

    Error on Frame Open:
    Function wf_connect_server failed

    -Database #3-

    Database Error Code: -1
    Connection as guest not allowed.

    Server Transaction
    Transaction Connection Error!
    Database Error Code: 4002
    Message Text:
    Login Failed.

    These errors are only happening with a couple of users. I have gone so
    far as to delete their entire account and recreate it (both NT and NTCSS/UNIX). I am thinking that the application administrators (for
    each database) need to delete the users on their end. I have no clue
    as to what to do now. If anyone could point me in the right direction,
    I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.
    Kyleen N. Abel
    how did you resolve this error. I am having the same error currently on a couple of users

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