• pgpool, bring new slave up?

    From mamg.sept30@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 26 16:20:13 2016
    Hello, I have a problem after "HOW TO BRING A NEW SLAVE UP" the replication is fine and I used this command "pcp_attach_node 10 localhost 9898 $USER $PASS 0", it's work fine.But in pgpool the load balance is sending the query to node 0 (it's the old
    master) and if I try insert query, the pgpool show me "ERROR: cannot execute INSERT in a read-only transaction"

    my failover file is

    # Do nothing if standby goes down.
    if [ $failed_node = 1 ]; then
    exit 0;
    # Create the trigger file.
    su postgres -c "ssh -T postgres@$new_master touch $trigger_file"
    exit 0;

    the message is

    LOG: pid 14787: failover: set new primary node: -1
    LOG: pid 14787: failover: set new master node: 1

    How can I fix this??

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