• How could this happen?

    From Schultheis Burkhard@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 16 07:27:11 2020
    I wanted to clean up the table mysql.user, because there were still
    entries for hosts in it, which we don't have anymore. I wanted to type something like this:

    DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE host LIKE "nn.nn.nn%";

    By mistake this became

    DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE user host LIKE "nn.nn.nn%";

    Caused the exact opposite of what I intended, as if I had entered

    DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE host NOT LIKE "nn.nn.nn%";

    Was fatal, of course. Can anyone figure out why the wrong statement made
    such a mess?

    This is mariadb 10.4.14.


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