• Looking for a partner

    From Michael@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 13 17:47:39 2019
    I'm looking for a capable partner for work on Patent and Patent pending methods of data storage and encryption.

    I can demonstrate a new method to encode data, a higher encryption complexity with less total processing time (based upon examination of the basics) and a way to create compression different than existing methods.

    You will either have a background in this stuff, funds to help put us on the map, a degree, and/or programming skills capable of making software. Bonus if you have access to ArXiv or another site where we can file a paper about the technology.

    I'm currently in the process of having validation software being made by a for hire programmer and it has already successfully validated the mathematical basis for encryption.

    Why do I want a partner? This is too much for a solo operator and I'm just stretched too thin. My offer is 25% equity of compression and encryption based software using my invention for life of the company. Provided we agree your skills and background
    are up to snuff and you and me hash out a minimum standards to achieve the partnership.

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