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    U.S. Capitol Police removed Parkland school shooting survivor and

    control activist David Hogg when he interrupted the contentious
    meeting. Hogg started shouting at Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz. But
    Hogg blasted lawmakers from both sides. "You are perpetuating
    violence!" thundered Hogg. "You need to realize that this is not
    enough now. Democrat or Republican. Stop these things now!"

    Come on , Fox News!

    David Hogg? "Thundering?"

    Screeching, wailing, howling, squealing, wailing, bleating, maybe.

    But "thundering?"


    Klaun is jealous, when he tries to get up and say something they

    ignore him - because he spews 5th grade level conspiracy theories.
    LOL Which "conspiracy" theory is this?

    That "...with assault rifles, exit wounds can be a foot wide. The
    victim’s skull explodes on impact. Organs rupture, bones shatter,
    shards serve as shrapnel and tear tissue to pieces. There is a reason
    we never see the images after a mass murder—many of the bodies no

    longer exist."

    Like that one?

    Oh wait, that's your idol Rep. Lucy McBath, @RepLucyMcBath, Mother.
    Fighter. Congresswoman. July 20, 2022


    She got all her knowledge about firearms from Shotgun Joe. She now
    knows a 9mm can blow a lung right out of the body.

    Kamala can blow warts off a penis.

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