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    How you compile from command line? is it with the 'cl' command?

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    A few months ago I installed lcc-win32 on a laptop and everything was ok. Two days ago I installed latest version on a Windows 7 64 bit computer and even trying to compile the hello world I get error: Missing Libraries Following symbols were not
    defined _printf (printf) crtdll.lib I click the Add libs button it says it has added the libraries but the same error when I try to compile. Any help appreciated.

    Forgot top say today I tried it on a Windows XP pc 32 bit and get same error.

    I have now installed on another XP PC and everything works. So 2 out of 4 work the other two have a library issue. The two working PCs had no other compiler. The two non working have VS 2008. Can this help explain the problem?

    I have discovered it is a wedit-project problem. I can compile successfully on all PCs if I use command line. It would be nice to use wedit though.

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