• Errata for the book "Retargetable C Compiler, A: Design and Implementat

    From Michael Lehn@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 11 06:25:21 2020
    I have bought a used 1st edition (are there any later editions at all?). And have not found some errata for the book.

    On page 265 there is this example for a declaration:

    int *x[10], *f();

    It is stated that the type are

    (ARRAY 10 (POINTER (INT)))

    I agree with the first (x is an array with pointers to int). But I think "f" refers to a function that returns a pointer to int. So shouldn't that be


    So actually I have two questions:

    1. Am I right with the above?
    2. Is there some errata page where I can look up already confirmed errors in the book?

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