• Http Or Ftp Server

    From a1945@gmx.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 4 23:16:06 2017
    Here is a plan I have little know how to make.

    1)Web browser somewhere puts in my IP addr at address strip.

    2)I run a server on port 80. Self made or some already done server
    from packages I don't know which one , Apache2 .

    3)And browser there sees my file system here, ~ directory topmost.
    Only file names nothing else, well, and to be able to go to directories.

    4)Ability to download my files and upload new files no overwrite.

    It is whole idea. I mean I don't know how it should be done in first
    place. My WAN IP addr could be hidden from outside world. Any other
    obstacles. Any good advise will do on self made 80 or 21 server or on
    packages available. Or any other of same d'odor

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