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    From Philipp Klaus Krause@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 7 15:02:44 2018
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    stdcbench has improved substantially since my first post to comp.lang.c.

    The current version consists of 2 modules, which on typical systems
    should contribute about equally to the score.

    It benchmarks a commonly-implemented subset of what the standard
    requires for freestanding implementations of C90. It consists of three submodules:
    1) Huffman/RLE decompression (adapted from real-world code)
    2) Integer matrix multiplication (synthetic)
    3) Insertion sort (adapted from real-world code)

    Benchmarks the standard library.
    I consists of two submodules:
    1) Computation of lnlc-width (adapted from real-world code)
    2) Peephole optimizer (simplified from real-world code)

    C99 features (e.g. bool, restrict) are used where available, but not

    So far, stdcbench seems to achieve the goals: benchmark a wide range of important standard c functionality, without giving too much emphasis to
    any particular aspect.

    Scores are reported for each module and as total.

    Example output from a i7-7500U-based system (benchmark compiled with GCC
    7.2.0 using -O2 -march=native):

    stdcbench 0.2
    stdcbench c90base score: 7827
    stdcbench c90lib score: 6548
    stdcbench final score: 14375

    Example output from a STM8AF5288 at 16 Mhz (benchmark compiled with SDCC
    3.6.9 using -mstm8 --opt-code-speed --max-allocs-per-node 10000):

    stdcbench 0.2
    stdcbench c90base score: 6
    stdcbench c90lib score: 6
    stdcbench final score: 12

    stdcbench already seems quite reasonable for benchmarking integer
    performance. However, there is still work to do:

    1) Come up with module(s) for floating-point performance. What matters
    for embedded systems? How should correctness be verified for floating-point?
    2) Find out why the c90lib module hangs on C8051F120 (possible compiler
    3) State run/reporting rules.
    4) Benchmark a few interesting systems
    6) Create a website or write a paper about the benchmark and the results.


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