• ChatGPT Reaches 9-yp Human Success on "Theory Of Mind" Tests

    From 25B.R866@21:1/5 to All on Sat Feb 18 15:15:29 2023

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    WORTH noting. Even Chimps don't rise to THIS level.

    M$ has taken ChatGPT and put it on bigger, faster,
    systems with better access than the original dev
    environment. It now sounds kinda scary sometimes,
    almost like it has a 'personality', a 'self-image'.

    It IS a self-improving learning algo at its root.

    Of note this is a 'self-improving' system that
    plunders the net for factoids/paradigms and is now
    seeing a LOT more info about ITSELF. This is kind
    of interesting - it gets to SEE itself through
    multiple mirrors and uses this data about itself
    to tweak itself. Think about where that might lead
    with enough hardware.

    If you fake anything well enough it's not fake
    anymore. The MEANS to the end isn't important,
    just the end result.

    There are likely a number of paths to "intelligence/
    consciousness". Chat MAY be one of those ways, given
    enough resources/time.

    Note also that Chat showed NO ability to answer
    TOM issues merely a year ago. Now it's at a
    seriously human level. Something IS happening
    here and it's happening QUICKLY.

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