• A Special Issue of TISMIR: AI and Musical Creativity

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    Second call for articles to a special issue of TISMIR (https://transactions .ismir.net)

    AI and Musical Creativity

    Guest Editors

    Bob L. T. Sturm (lead), Associate professor of Computer Science, KTH, Swede
    Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd, Senior Lecturer, School of Science, RMIT Univers
    Anna Huang, Research Scientist, Magenta, Google Brain
    Hendrik Vincent Koops, Senior Data Scientist, RTL Netherlands

    This special issue will focus on new research developments in the domain of
    artificial intelligence (AI) applied to modeling and creating music in a v ariety of styles, e.g., popular, folk, classical and contemporary classical
    . It is motivated by the 2020 AI Song Contest, in which the four guest edit
    ors adjudicated or participated among many academic teams from Europe, the
    UK and Australia. This event provided an exciting and unique opportunity fo
    r AI music researchers to put to the test current approaches and develop ne
    w ones, within the context of music creation. It not only revealed just how
    far we are from the automatic generation of hit music, but also ways in wh
    ich humans and machines can work together as partners in music creation.

    We are looking for mature work about the application and use of AI for musi
    c creation, e.g.,

    • studies of creativity through AI based on music information
    • supporting human creativity by AI
    • human-centered AI for musical creativity
    • music analysis and/or generation/performance/synthesis
    • comparisons of AI and human-generated music
    • evaluation methodology
    • ethics of AI in music creation

    This special issue of TISMIR provides an opportunity to bring together stat
    e of the art research in these areas. It is important and especially timely
    to consolidate and build new knowledge about how we can effectively, creat ively and ethically use such algorithms in creative contexts.

    Submission Guidelines:

    Please note in your cover letter that your paper is intended to be part of
    this Special Issue on AI and Musical Creativity.

    Submissions should adhere to formatting guidelines of the TISMIR journal: h ttps://transactions.ismir.net/about/submissions/

    Specifically, articles must not be longer than 8,000 words in length, inclu ding referencing, citation and notes.

    Please also note that if the paper extends or combines the authors' previou
    sly published research, it is expected that there is a significant novel co ntribution in the submission (as a rule of thumb, we would expect at least
    50% of the underlying work - the ideas, concepts, methods, results, analysi
    s and discussion - to be new).


    - Submission deadline: The special issue is now open for submission until F ebruary 28, 2021
    - First round of reviews finished: April 30, 2021
    - Second submission deadline (in case revisions are necessary): June 30, 20

    Please note that as soon as a paper has been accepted and successfully pass
    ed the production stage, it will already be published online, even if the d ecision process for other special issue papers is not finished yet.

    We expect all accepted papers to be published before the end of 2021.

    Hendrik Vincent Koops

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