• Tenure research position in France

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    Novel and very interesting position for researcher at CNRS in France: If
    you're interested, contact cerisara@loria.fr

    The CNRS is opening an attractive position in Machine Learning for
    Natural Language Processing.

    This is a "tenure track" position started this year in France: a unique position called "Chaire Professeur Junior", with a fast and direct track
    to tenured, Senior CNRS Researcher (Directeur ou Directrice de
    Recherche) after a three to a six-year contract.

    The general objective is to consolidate French laboratories of
    excellence in NLP (LISN, LIG, LORIA) on particularly strategic aspects
    or sovereign issues: automatic processing of the French language (written/oral), specific applic ation domains with few learning
    resources or poorly covered by generic models (for instance, in the
    areas of securi ty, defense, or health), as well as in connection with educational applications/platforms and assistance to people with
    disabilities. This position implies a reduced teaching load of 42 hours
    a year for the contract duration. Afterward, the role of Senior CNRS
    Researcher does not mean any mandatory teaching.

    The tenure track includes a financial environment of 300,000 € for the project (200,000 € from ANR plus one Ph.D. t hesis).

    Deadline for submitting the application: 31/08/2022
    Expected date of employment: 01/12/2022

    All the details about this position implemented by the CNRS can be found


    The specific offer concerning the position on Machine Learning for
    Natural Language Processing is detailed here:


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