• Moderator note: Please wrap your lines!

    From Tristan Miller@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 21 04:58:27 2021
    Dear comp.ai posters,

    Since I took over as moderator last year, the majority of the articles submitted to this group have been formatted with absurdly long lines.
    Despite not conforming to best practices (such as RFC 1855 [1]), I have
    been approving these articles anyway. The moderation software ends up hard-wrapping the lines at 75 characters, which tends to cause many ugly
    line breaks (such as in the middle of a word).

    I'd like to ask everyone to make sure that their future submissions are line-wrapped at a sensible length. (RFC 1855 suggests 65 characters,
    but as far as I'm concerned anything up to 75 characters is fine.) From looking at the headers of recently misformatted articles, it seems that
    they are all coming from Google Groups. I don't use Google Groups
    myself to post to Usenet, so if anyone knows how to get it to wrap lines correctly, please post this information here for the benefit of others.
    If it turns out there is no way to get Google Groups to behave, then
    please don't use Google Groups to post to comp.ai. If you have an
    e-mail client that is capable of sending plain-text messages, you can
    always post to the group by sending an e-mail to

    In the future, I may start rejecting submissions that are not properly formatted, or I might change the robomoderator so that submissions are soft-wrapped (though the latter solution, as with the current
    hard-wrapping one, is not ideal as it changes the content of the
    message). Discussion on these options is welcome.


    [1] https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc1855.html

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