• Webinar: Humor and Artificial Intelligence

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    International Society for Humor Studies Webinar

    May 21, 2021, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC)



    Christian Hempelmann, Texas A&M University–Commerce, USA
    Julia Taylor Rayz, Purdue University, USA
    Tristan Miller, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
    Tiansi Dong, Bonn University, Germany


    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Society for Humor
    Studies has postponed its 33rd Conference to June 27 to July 2, 2022. In
    its place, the Society will hold a series of six webinars, including
    this webinar on Humor and Artificial Intelligence (Webinar #4).

    Christian Hempelmann will begin with an overview of past approaches to generating and analyzing humor computationally up to 2015. As in its
    parent discipline, computational linguistics, early approaches were
    symbolic, rule- and resource-based. Since the 1990s, the methodology
    came increasingly from computer sciences and was probabilistic, up to
    the unexplainable algorithms of machine learning.

    Julia Rayz will continue the presentation from 2015 and provide a brief overview of the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary intelligent
    systems, concentrating on their ability to “understand” text and make inferences, loosely described as learning. It will follow by
    applicability of various language models to computational humor.

    Tristan Miller will present on how puns and wordplay are humorous
    stylistic features that are recurrent in literary texts but are among
    the most challenging for humans to translate. In this talk, he will
    describe how AI can provide specialized support to translators working
    with puns.

    Tiansi Dong will address the research on cognitive maps and how jokes
    can be understood as a collage of two cognitive maps. The presentation
    will emphasize the neuro-symbolic procedures to acquire such a collage,
    and will address the important roles humor plays in commonsense
    reasoning and neuro-symbolic integration. Both are characteristic
    features of the next generation of AI.

    This webinar will conclude with a roundtable discussion with the
    audience on the ethics of humor and AI, which has become more relevant
    as AI becomes more intelligent.


    Register online by following the "Click here to register for Humor and Artificial Intelligence" link at

    Registration for this webinar (and all five of the other ones) is free
    for 2021 ISHS members. Nonmembers can register for and receive free
    access to *one* of the six webinars to sample what the Society has to
    offer, but should write to the ISHS Executive Secretary at ishs@hnu.edu
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    Dr.-Ing. Tristan Miller, Research Scientist
    Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)
    Freyung 6/3, 1010 Vienna, Austria | Tel: +43 1 5324621 3 https://logological.org/ | https://punderstanding.ofai.at/

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