• Arthur T. Murray (aka Mentifex) has died

    From Tristan Miller@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 26 13:44:56 2024
    Dear all,

    Arthur T. Murray, the Seattle-area amateur programmer well known online
    for promoting his own "theory of mind" and its software implementation,
    died on February 21, 2024.

    Murray had been a fixture of Usenet and other Internet venues for over
    forty years. He often posted under the name Mentifex, a term he also
    sometimes used to refer to his theory and software.

    Hallmarks of his communication style included obscure ASCII diagrams,
    grandiose claims about having "solved" AI, and a tendency to post these diagrams and claims anywhere and everywhere he possibly could. His contributions to comp.ai became so voluminous that they led (at least in
    part) to the group becoming moderated in 1999. He remained active in
    other, unmoderated groups.

    An obituary for Murray appears in the Seattle Times at <https://obituaries.seattletimes.com/obituary/arthur-murray-1089408830>.
    (Note that the server seems to refuse connections from a great many
    regions; you may need to use a VPN or proxy to access it.)

    Tristan Miller
    comp.ai moderator (since 2020)

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