• CentOS creator does a "Libre" with 'Rocky Linux'

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Fri Dec 11 05:31:02 2020

    "Gregory Kurtzer, the founder of the CentOS project, has kicked off a
    new venture called Rocky Linux, the aim being to build 'a community
    enterprise operating system designed to be 100 per cent bug-for-bug
    compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)'.

    This is because RH announced it's converting CentOS to "CentOS Stream"
    by the end of next year, which won't track stable releases of RHEL but
    instead, be more like a beta release for RHEL.

    "The problem with CentOS Stream is that it is a development build,
    although one that is only just ahead of the production release of RHEL.
    This makes it unsuitable for production use."

    "Red Hat has stated that 'the code is open source and we wouldn't try to
    stop anyone from choosing to use it or build their own packages from the
    code.' Rocky Linux will not be the only one."

    if anyone's wondering why RH is switching their policies regarding
    CentOS [many appear to blame IBMs influence], then the following quote
    from the article might help:

    "One thing that Red Hat has not stated is why it is ceasing development
    of CentOS Linux. The most likely reason is that the company questioned
    why it was sponsoring an alternative to its commercial offering, as
    hinted in community manager Rich Bowen's statement: 'If you... are
    concerned that CentOS Stream will not meet your needs, we encourage you
    to contact Red Hat about options.'"

    CentOS has had the advantage of being "actively sponsored" by RH. So in essence it was RHEL without the maintenance contract. A maintenance
    contract is too expensive for many, but a "value added" for many others.

    Too bad RH is abandoning this idea of RHEL and CentOS both being stable production OSs. Effectively making CentOS a beta for RHEL is kinda like 'Windows 10 Home' being a "mandatory update" beta test for 'Windows 10 Pro/Server'. yeah, THAT never causes problems...

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