• kids hacking around parental controls - SURPRISE!

    From Big Bad Bombastic Bob@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 20 03:44:14 2021

    "For the past three years, Lance Walker has been locked in a
    cat-and-mouse game with his 11-year-old daughter for control over her
    iPhone and iPad." (etc)

    I was reading several examples of this kind of "kid vs parent" stuff
    when parents COMPLETELY "get it wrong" when it comes to smart phones and
    their kids using stupid things like TikTok or play games at all hours of
    the day and night, etc. etc. etc..

    It's all very very simple: kids are often techy savvy hackers who need
    an outlet for all of that, and their parents seem to be trying to rely
    on "parental controls" instead of TEACHING SELF DISCIPLINE.

    To me it is obvious: If the kid can't use the smart phone properly, let
    them use a DUMB PHONE INSTEAD, or buy their OWN phone and data plan.
    Problem solved.

    If they cannot do homework on their own computer instead of playing
    games all night, have them do their homework on DAD's computer instead,
    and the other one gets a re-format and clean OS install.

    But relying on "parental controls" is just IDIOTIC because their minds
    love puzzles and the challenge of rebelliously defeating them so they
    can brag to their friends and post youtue videos on how to do it.

    The 11 year old girl mentioned at the beginning of the article was
    apparently getting e-mail from adult male pervs because of a video she
    posted. I have to ask WHY she was even allowed to instal TikTok in the
    FIRST place.

    And when it comes to cyber-bullying, why are these kids even ON FaeceBan
    or Twatter or ANY of these so-called "social" media sewers?

    If parents explain to them why they do NOT want to do this kind of crap,
    with REAL WORLD examples of why it is bad (like attracting the attention
    of adult perverts, for example) and THEN tie a level of trust along with
    the PERMISSION to use YOUR paid for networks and electricity to use
    their computers and devices, they'll show a bit more respect and at
    LEAST put on a face of not doing this kind of crap when you're not
    looking, because you establish a level of trust BEFORE they get the new computer or iPad or whatever.

    People used to give rifles to their 12 year old sons. The boys knew
    that they weren't supposed to use it improperly BEFORE ever getting the
    rifle. It IS possible to establish this kind of trust. And the kid who
    did NOT get the rifle because he was an irresponsible FOOL was possibly
    shunned and made fun of to some extent by the others.

    I could wrap this back to the STUPID mentality of "big mommy" government control of everyone's lives as a substitute for REAL parenting, but then
    again these things SHOULD be obvious, at least to HACKERS.

    It's just that it's a PARENT'S job to teach kids to MAKE INTELLIGENT
    DECISIONS. After all, in only a few years, they're 18 and on their own.
    Or at least they SHOULD be... *NOT* living in mommy's basement.

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