• a positive 'bump' for PostgreSQL

    From Big Bad Bombastic Bob@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 7 08:57:33 2021
    I chose PostgreSQL over MySQL quite some time ago, deciding that it was
    MUCH easier to set up from scratch and that is was more compliant with
    the SQL standard than was MySQL (specifically, MySQL). Regardless of
    the marketing, MySQL had a few distinct disadvantages, which irritated
    me early on, not the least of which is the way it handles things like
    embedded quote marks in string data.

    That being said, a former Oracle employee has apparently gone on the
    record with a similar opinion, having been a member of a team tasked
    with improving MySQL.


    "Coming to MySQL was like stepping into a parallel universe, where there
    were lots of people genuinely believing that MySQL was a
    state-of-the-art product."

    "The changes others and I have been doing take the MySQL optimizer
    towards a fairly standard early-2000s design with some nice tweaks, but
    that's also where it ends."

    "In the end, there's just not enough resources that I could see it turn
    into a competitive product, no matter how internal company
    communications tried to spin that Oracle is filled with geniuses and WE


    Gunderson was also scathing of this. "Don't believe for a second that
    MariaDB is any better [than MySQL]. Monty and his merry men left because
    they were unhappy about the new governance, not because they suddenly
    woke up one day and realised what a royal mess they had created in the

    and there's also THIS guy:

    Roland Hörmann, CEO SIB Visions, who presented at Postgres Build 2021
    last week, spoke specifically about migrating from Oracle's proprietary database to PostgreSQL.

    "You can get support if need it. If you set up a database, you configure
    once the PostgreSQL conf file and then it's up and running forever, to
    be honest. You don't need to do anything. True, you need to set up a
    backup and all that stuff, but you don't need so much time from
    experienced DBAs anymore."

    more in the article, these only being hilights.

    (and I'm glad to see people agree with me about setting up PostgreSQL
    being so much easier than would be MySQL and others - in fact I set up a
    test database last week and just had to remember which config file to
    edit to allow access outside of localhost - and it was well documented

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