• In Oklahoma, criminals have broken faces (so you can tell who they are)

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 24 09:48:31 2021

    This reminds me of a story I heard once when I was in the Navy.

    A friend of mine was joking around about how the Master at Arms on his
    former ship acted when it came to shipboard thieves. "If you bring him
    in, he'd better LOOK like a thief."

    Allegedly he also said something like "Thieves have black eyes, broken
    and missing teeth, bruises and scratches all over their bodies, and the
    general appearance of having fallen down several deck's worth of stairs"

    Or something like that.

    "Oklahoma City Police arrested the suspect, Michael Coghill, on
    Wednesday, after he was recorded on camera touching a nine-year-old boy
    at a bus stop and was confronted by the boy’s father"

    And got the CRAP beaten out of him while being placed under 'citizens
    arrest', no doubt.

    "The boy told police that Coghill would often jog near the bus stop and
    had stopped by the area on more than one occasion"

    "The boy said Coghill had visited the bus stop on Monday and touched him
    in a way that made him uncomfortable. The boy also told his parents
    about the incident on Monday, and the father accompanied the boy to the
    bus stop on Wednesday, according to local reports."

    "The victim’s father sat in his car waiting to see if Coghill would make
    an appearance and touch the child inappropriately. As the boy made his
    way to the stop, Coghill stopped his jog and approached the boy,
    according to the police report."

    And the kid's dad got it on a phone video, and THEN confronted the
    alleged perpetrator. A (allegedly) well deserved ass-kicking ensued.

    "While he was watching the school bus stop, our suspect ran by him, ran
    past the bus stop where the children were waiting. Turned around, came
    back and stopped where he touched the child,"

    "Coghill was seen placing his hand on the child’s side, before he moved
    his hand to the backside of the boy. The father recorded the incident,
    which was given to police, and proceeded to tackle Coghill."

    tackle = "kick his ass"

    "Coghill's skull was fractured and his orbital socket cracked on the
    left side of his face."

    And NOW he LOOKS like a criminal!!!

    The article goes on to talk about how he was a pastor at a local church,
    and how the church condemned his actions and basically made the "we will cooperate" statement which is good. I think they are totally in the
    clear on this.

    "Coghill is currently being held in Oklahoma County Detention Center on
    a count of lewd acts to a child."

    He should plead guilty. AND he should be on a sex offender list. AND
    he should find something to do for a living that keeps him away from
    children. (that would help keep him out of jail and out of trouble)

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