• wikipedia co-founder: nobody should trust wikipedia

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 17 03:25:47 2021

    "‘Nobody should trust Wikipedia’, warns its co-founder Larry Sanger,
    says the site is taken over by leftists who reject content that doesn’t
    fit their agenda"

    "Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has said that nobody should
    trust the crowd-sourced online encyclopaedia as it is run by
    left-leaning volunteers. He said that the sire is no longer trustworthy
    as it does allow content that does not fit the agenda of leftists, and therefore people can’t get a complete view on the topics."

    "Sanger, who had co-founded Wikipedia along with Jimmy Wales in 2001,
    said that the platform has betrayed its original mission by only
    reflecting the views of the ‘establishment.’ In an interview with LockdownTV, Sanger said that he agrees with the view that there are
    teams of Democratic party leaning editors who remove content that they
    don’t like."

    Known for a while, but I'm glad he's confirming it.

    People like George Soros through "non-profit" corporations like the one
    that runs Media Matters, have apparently been PAYING PEOPLE to SHILL for
    the DEMON RATS and the SOCIALISTS.

    This has been going on (apparently) since OBAKA was elected in 2008.

    "Larry Sanger said that Wikipedia lost its neutral nature in 2009,
    before which editors from all ideologies will debate equally before
    deciding what should be published on the platform. He said that the
    recent issues from Covid to Biden, articles on everything on Wikipedia
    has become partisan, particularly supporting the Biden administration in
    such issues, and blacking out information that does now show the
    Democrats in positive colour."

    As I expected, it apparently IS happening and us "conspiracy theorists"
    were RIGHT!!! ALL!!! ALONG!!!!!!

    "The Wikipedia page on Hunter Biden is even more shocking, as it does
    not mention anything about the content found in his laptop."

    As "sources say", it includes CHILD PORN and compelling evidence of

    "In October last year, The New York Post had published emails retrieved
    from the laptop, relating to Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine and
    the links to his father. Twitter and Facebook, run by the same
    left-leaning propagandists, had blocked the News York Post article,
    preventing people from sharing it. Similarly, Wikipedia is also
    completely blocking out any information about the contents of the laptop."

    SEE? SEE? SEE?

    (more in the article, if this is not compelling enough)

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