• FBI recovers 63.7 of 75 BTC paid by Colonial Pipeline as ransom

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 9 09:04:30 2021

    I guess they "followed the money". The fact that they DID and obviously
    CAN do it puts a GREAT deal of stress on the legitimacy of using BTC to
    hide the identity of those who use it for any kind of transaction.

    "The US Department of Justice on Monday said it has recovered 63.7
    Bitcoins, right now worth $2.1m and falling, of the 75 or so BTC the
    Colonial Pipeline operators paid the ransomware miscreants who infected
    the fuel provider's computers."

    And FALLING. 75 coins were worth $5m when they paid the ransom.
    Apparently now, the ransom of 75 coins is only worth about $2.5m [I did
    the math], and the FBI recovered $2.1m of it.

    "It turns out the Feds were able to trace this payment through multiple transactions to 'a specific address, for which the FBI has the ''private key'',' the DoJ said. 'This Bitcoin represents proceeds traceable to a
    computer intrusion and property involved in money laundering, and may be
    seized pursuant to criminal and civil forfeiture statutes.'"

    "So it is quite possible Darkside's infrastructure was commandeered by
    the Feds, who were able to return the 75 BTC ransom minus the fee
    already paid by the ransomware gang to their affiliate that did the
    actual job of infecting the Colonial Pipeline's computers – which was
    said to have occurred via a compromised VPN account."

    [conspiracy theory warning]

    Or, VLAD PUTIN gave the information TO the Feds in exchange for being
    able to finish _HIS_ pipeline (while OUR pipeline is STILL shut down by BITE-ME's *STUPID* *POLICIES*, 30,000 union jobs lost, THANKS DEMON-RATS @##$%!^& oh but I digress...)

    "The Deputy AG continued that the Bitcoin seizure – authorized by a magistrate judge in California – was only possible because the Colonial Pipeline's operators got the FBI involved early in the process."

    Well, THAT is good, then. If it helps to NAIL the crooks, I no longer
    mind having that ransom paid like that. "Tainted Money" apparently.
    It's an old trick, which means the FBI *STILL* knows how to do OLD

    “For financially motivated cybercriminals, especially those presumably located overseas, cutting off access to revenue is one of the most
    impactful consequences we can impose,” said FBI Deputy Director Paul
    Abbate at a press conference on Monday. "We can have an immediate and
    permanent effect on ransomware."

    And, a resounding applause for the FBI for quickly getting this last
    part done.

    So, is anyone STILL expecting BTC to increase in value? I thought not...

    (aka 'Bombastic Bob' in case you wondered)

    'Feeling with my fingers, and thinking with my brain' - me

    'your story is so touching, but it sounds just like a lie'
    "Straighten up and fly right"

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  • From Auric__@21:1/5 to Big Bad Bob on Wed Jun 9 22:33:41 2021
    Big Bad Bob wrote:

    So, is anyone STILL expecting BTC to increase in value? I thought not...

    I've never trusted cryptocurrencies. If I were to invest in any, I'd consider them to be high-risk.

    Who are you to deny her reality in favor of your own?

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