• Alleged Russia-backed attacks on food supplier in US

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 2 09:47:50 2021

    "The latest ransomware assault this week shut down the U.S.-based meat
    plants of the world’s largest meatpacker, Brazil-based JBS, and the
    White House said a criminal group likely based in Russia is thought to
    be responsible for the ransomware attack."

    Well, they didn't stop like they allegedly "promised". Anyone surprised?

    "'All of this is Vladimir Putin’s resurgence strategy,' said former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman, a Fox News contributor."

    Apparently there's going to be a US-Russia summit in a couple of weeks.

    So at least some people believe that Putin is simply flexing his muscles
    and rattling sabers as a show of force.

    Against a *WEAKLING* like Bite-Me and the DEMON RATS, I can almost
    understand why.

    "The attack on JBS – a major meat supplier to the U.S. – comes just
    weeks after the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, the East Coast's Colonial
    pipeline, was targeted by a criminal group originating in Russia. In
    April, Putin massed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukraine border."

    "The Biden administration declined to condemn Putin, Russia's president,
    after the Colonial pipeline attack and stressed that the U.S. does not
    believe Russia's government was involved."

    yeah, Bite-Me's been in THEIR POCKET for a while... along with CHINA's.
    Hunter as the money launderer, money from the former Moscow mayor's
    wife, money from China, money from Ukraine, yotta yotta all know; THAT

    "Rebekah Koffler, a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    intelligence officer for Russia and author of the upcoming "Putin's
    Playbook: Russia's Secret Plan to Defeat America," told Fox News the use
    of criminal gangs is a common tactic by the Kremlin."

    There's your "Russia Russia Russia" connection. Where's Mueller?
    Where's HUNTER???

    Apparently Putin wants "balance of power" like the cold war, again. [it
    makes him more relevant, heh]

    "'Putin is trying to signal to President Biden that he is in a much
    stronger position ahead of the summit,' Koffler said.

    "Late last month, the president lifted Trump-era sanctions targeting the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will run natural gas from
    Russia to Europe – a move some believe sends the wrong message to
    European allies."

    So, what **CONCESSION** is Bite-Me gonna do *THIS* time... ???

    I expect more events similar to Russia's annexing the Crimea peninsula
    during the **OBAKA** administration, where Bite-Me was V.P. and engaging
    in *TREASONOUS* *FOREIGN* *ACTIVITY* [like getting the Ukrainian
    prosecutor FIRED, the one investigating HUNTER, which he later *BRAGGED* about!!!]

    and *THIS* *IS* *WHY* these 2 major ransomware attacks happened recently!

    and the DEMON RATS and BITE-ME are *HANDLING* *IT* with *WEAKNESS* -
    *WORSE* *THAN* *OBAKA* !!!

    (only *FOOLS* vote for DEMON RATS)

    (aka 'Bombastic Bob' in case you wondered)

    'Feeling with my fingers, and thinking with my brain' - me

    'your story is so touching, but it sounds just like a lie'
    "Straighten up and fly right"

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