• 'Dark Side' CRackers "still at it"

    From Big Bad Bob@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 21 08:51:16 2021

    "A Doncaster insurance company has been hit by ransomware from the
    Darkside crew – whose "press release" declaring it was shutting down its operations last week was taken at face value by some pundits."

    The ransom this time, 15 million GBP

    "On May 13th we began experiencing some disruption to our IT systems"

    "This was just a few days after the Colonial Pipeline's initial
    compromise on 7 May and one day before the ransomware gang claimed to be shutting up shop."

    After its ransomware was involved in the recent oil pipeline SNAFU, the
    very angry U.S. response prompted the 'Dark Side' CRacking group to
    claim they'd stopped operations. Yeah, right...

    "Darkside appears to have used furious US promises of retribution to
    pull its publicly known infrastructure offline (and took several tens of millions of dollars' worth of cryptocurrency with it) while keeping its criminal activities going, as the One Call incident suggests."

    So, it's more likely that they're simply ducking for cover.

    Meanwhile, even though "president" Joe Bite-Me signed exec orders to
    LAND (causing the USA to once again be an oil consuming nation, and not
    an oil producing one), the same STUPID administration basically HANDED
    OVER THE NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION FOR EUROPE to Vlad Putin, by NO LONGER sanctioning the Russian pipeline...

    Hmmm... **TIMING** **SUSPICIOUS** **MUCH** ???

    (aka 'Bombastic Bob' in case you wondered)

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