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    On Jul 10, 2003 02:23pm, david.white400@ntlworld.com wrote to All:

    Hi There,

    a couple of years ago i used ot run a PCBoard BBS, had quite a bit of experience writing PPE's and things like that, I want to try and set it up over telnet to chat with a couple of friends anyone know where i can get hold of PCBoard 15.22 or above to download or has it been posted recently.

    I bought my copy off of ebay, but now all I have left are the original
    manuals. I was able, however, to come across a preconfigured telnetable 15.4 100 node installation a while back that I am in the middle of setting up on
    one of my static IP addresses using GameSrv and NetFoss.

    ... Platinum Xpress & Wildcat!..... Nice!!!!

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