• Excaibur SysOp Chat

    From excalibur@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Sat Dec 15 22:05:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    The Excalibur SysOp chat went well for Saturday the 15th of December on the BURMA CAVE! BBS (@burmacave.ath.cx). I wish to thank all whom participated.
    For those that did not show up SHAME ON YOU!

    All who are interested in operating an Excalibur BBS should log in for a
    chat. Regardless of your BBS of interest we welcome you.

    We had 7 SysOps online including one from Germany, one from the UK and one
    from Austraila. Many subjects were discussed and several tips were
    forthcoming. These chats are an excellent source of information. The next scheduled chat is for January 12th on the Tecmecca (@tecmecca.ath.cx) BBS.

    As of right now, the default login times are:

    West Coast 0900 (9:00 AM)
    Arizona 1000 (10:00 AM)
    Central 1100 (1100 AM)
    East Coast 1200 (Noon)

    1700 (5PM GMT)

    1800 (6PM GMT)

    0200 (2:00 AM, I'll check this)

    This will be finalized prior to the event. I'll post any changes.


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  • From excalibur@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Sun Dec 16 17:55:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    Australian Times Schedule is:

    West 0200
    Central 0300
    East 0400
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