• Burma Cave down?

    From Chris - Insight Media BBS@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Mon Oct 22 11:42:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    I cant get on... I got @burmacave.ath.cx as the address is that right?

    Chris - Insight Media Excalibur BBS
  • From caveman@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Tue Oct 23 16:47:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    Yes, BC was down. I finally tracked down the reason. The redirect we use, www.dyndns.org sent an email that bounced because the email account of
    record was no longer in use. I have since set up a new account with the same dialing address (@burmacave.ath.cx) which works.


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