• License numbers

    From Chris@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Tue Sep 18 20:42:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    Okay, I know this will raise some eyebrows but I'd like to have all the Excalibur SysOp's email their license number and name to me. I'm going to update the ECI list and there are many of you who are not on the current

    This is strictly for the purpose of maintaining a valid list so in case one
    of us loses our license number, we will have a source to find said number.

    All voluntary, you obviously don't have to participate. If by chance you
    were a reseller I don't want your unsold license information.

    The list I have access to is a partial list that has only a fraction of the total node and owner information.

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