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    Quote "I've been running the BBS on XP Pro for several years now without a hitch. "

    Yep I ran it for about 5 months and got the odd file corruption, but when I added more files it went awol... with files in different conferences etc....
    I was adding quite a few files at the time...maybe about 4 GB or so....

    If your file base is settled or on CD maybe it works fine?

    But as far as I know at least 5 sysops have had the file problem, and since
    I set up an old NT4 server it's golden.
    Chris - Insight Media Excalibur BBS

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    On Feb 25, 5:04 pm, "JDS BBS SysOP" <s...@jds.com> wrote:
    On Feb 24, 8:58 pm, excalibur @ frankenserver.org wrote:

    The BURMA CAVE! BBS is down, possibly forever. XP seems to corrupt the
    datbase at random so it has again caused a meltdown of the BBS. I need
    track down older memory for an older NT box on which to place the BBS.
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    Thats really sad news for the remaining Excalibur Sysop community.
    Maybe someone should implement a XP/Vista friendly Excalibur style
    board. I had almost implemented a web interface a decade ago.
    Basically, the whole thing was a server DLL running as a DDE client to
    Holy Grail. I believe I had named it JDS Web Front and had released t
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    excalibur @ frankenserver.org wrote:
    We're using an old 98 box with an older version of the BC BBS. It's
    online but many games/options arw missing.

    Welcome back.. Fellow AZ boards welcome ;)

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