• tangent plugin registrations

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    On Mar 5, 5:12 am, Phil Long <p...@ptd.net> wrote:
    On Sun, 04 Mar 2007 23:11:18 GMT, "Chris - Insight Media BBS"

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    I have the list for all Tangent plugins for Insight........

    The registrations are not for me, but for some of the new sysops.

    Someone said Dennis had released a "golden" set of numbers that released all >plugins....

    They are the ones I am trying to locate.

    I am pretty sure that Dennis never released one list of numbers that
    worked for all.

    He did decide to give all his software free to all that asked. He gave
    me the number generator and had me issue the numbers to all that

    This worked fine until somebody got greedy, and was passing me
    somebody else's numbers, and then getting the numbers for them, but
    charging them.

    When Dennis found about this, he put a stop to the free numbers and
    faded away to oblivion.

    I no longer have that program to generate the numbers.


    Dennis Pugh's Scrabble plugin deserves the most credit for keeping
    Excal alive, hands down. I only wish there was a way to replace the
    original dictionary with an official Scrabble word list. I have tried
    in vain to accomplish this, but you can't just substitute the
    dictionary file. Apparently, it has some characters at the begining of
    the file that I am guessing keeps track of added or deleted words.
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    I believe that the "NOREG" inserted in the registration will allow the plug
    to work as a registered plugin. I'm not sure because I never tried it. Some
    one told me this and I don't remember whom.

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