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    Is there anyone still monitoring this newsgroup?


    On Tuesday, December 7, 2004 at 11:21:22 AM UTC-8, CMWolfe wrote:
    That is just GREAT!!! Really glad to have you back Ken. How's your
    dad??? I haven't heard from Joe in years. I sent a few e-mails to
    the last address I had for him. They didn't bounce, just no reply.
    Michael at CyberSpaceHQ asked about you and your Dad so I was trying
    to contact both of you. He'd like to chat. I had a message from Gary yesterday. He was really pumped about your return, as are we all.
    Anything you are willing to provide in any manner is greatly

    We're trying to get the developers to support their products. For a reasonable fee of course, or at least to release them as freeware
    with registration programs provided. I know all of these developers
    are busy with other projects and we don't want to take up their
    valuable time. That's why I suggested they release the plugins so
    they would not have to deal with registrations. Michael at
    CyberSpaceHQ has stated they will release their copy write plugins
    provided they can locate the registration programs. Steve at PlugRUs
    has also released their plugins, we just need to find the
    registration program, which may be at CyberSpaceHQ. Phil thought
    CyberspaceHQ had a copy. Roger at Wyndows Techknow is going to look
    for the registration programs he had for CyberSpaceHQ as a reseller.

    Ken, please take one of your very busy moments to add your comments
    to the Excalibur Plugins thread. I'm trying to get all the current
    SysOp's and returning developers to show support for Excalibur.
    Hopefully this will provide a viable reason to support Excalibur and
    cause others to return. I'm not a programmer, but I would imagine
    that the use of one's product is almost as good as the financial
    gain they once provided.

    I would like to thank all of the developers who are in the process
    of providing their products once again.

    Welcome back.


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