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    From Chris - Insight Media BBS@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Sat Mar 24 09:27:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    Has anyone got Denis Pughs email address?

    I want to contact him regarding the new sowpods dictionary for scrabble...

    I want to know what he used for programming.....

    Then I can try to make an updated dictionary for scrabble...

    I know others have tried in the past, but I want to have a go myself... ;-)

    Nothing better to do this year 8-)

    Chris - Insight Media Excalibur BBS
  • From excalibur@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Sun Mar 25 14:36:00 2007
    From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.excalibur

    His web site is still up. No content there, so I presume regitration is just for his e mail address's. Try variables of his name at tthought.com.


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