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    On August 31st at midnight the BURMA CAVE! BBS wll cease operation. It has
    been an enjoyable and enlightening experence these last 26 years and I want
    to thank all that stopped in for their comments and suggestions. I have
    decided to pursue other interests and since no one has expressed an interest
    in taking over the system I will just pull the plug and save the content to
    DVD for archival purposes.

    Starting in 1983 with the old DOS/ASCII/ANSI do it yourself communication
    via dial up, to the present Excalibur GUI it has been a lot of fun learning
    how to use the computer. Bat files, config system files and .exe's, making
    your own memory useage by loading "high", making menu's and adding color.

    It's been fun, thanks.

    Chris a.k.a Caveman
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