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    From metalmac@21:1/10 to alt.bbs.excalibur on Thu Jan 31 01:16:00 2008
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    Do you remember the big BBS systems in the 90is?
    Did you run a Windows GUI BBS like Excalibur ore MediaHost?
    Then the windowsguibbs forum is for you!
    Talk about Excalibur BBS, PowerBBS, MediaHost, MindWire and
    all the others BBS systems from the 90is!
    Was rely Excalibur the best BBS system ore was it actually MindWire?
    Let the discussions begin!
    Have you put up a BBS again, tell us about it!
    You are also gona find client software for the big systems.
    So I welcome you to the windowsguibbs world!


    Se you there!
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