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    This is what Phil wrote... (trying to jog some memories!)

    I do remember one of the brothers posting on the Excal newsgroup once, that your can register their software by entering certain text.

    I do not remember what it was.

    You might try entering the same question in the newsgroup, they might still drop by now and then, or somebody else will remember what the message said.

    Sorry, wish I could help.


    Hi Guys,

    I have asked this question on the Excal forums, but Im hoping this will reach more people who may be able to help me out...

    I want to use wizbox (by OLDI) and/or Xtra (VR Lemmings) on my BBS

    Is there any way I can register these anywhere?

    I had a chat with Phil Long who said he remembered Joe from VR lemmings posted a set of reg numbers that will enable their plugins on here.... has anyone got a copy of the numbers?

    I'm enjoying working on the BBS again, and would really like to be able to use these if possible.

    I hope you can help,


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    I believe you needed .KEY file for the plug that was located in the
    VRKEYS subdirectory or somesuch. I think I had a valid .KEY file a
    hundred years ago (was if for G-WiZ?). I also seem to recall hearing
    you could use NOREG to unlock the plug, but where you did this I am
    not sure.
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