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    By: Brian Green to alt.bbs.doors on Sun Jun 08 2008 13:51:01

    Definitely oldschool, but still cool. Particles! Has been online since 1992. And now, we're back to our roots running on an original Commodore 128D and other original hardware.

    C-128D - they are nice, I had one breifly, but everything has to go to a museum if to cool for school. So, when do people come to bbs town (make sure you tell them to post a message).


    That word sounds more like "Iron Planet Date"( girl scout cookie ingreident. - the text editor section that that resembles your locker in the hall that is full of bad germ words that fight to get the right to appear in the final print. but when can I use a mouse in these editors, do they have touch it with your finger controls inside with the control button Like red fraction with no hormone steroid aliens in alchol atmostphere....( dead test tube babys that you are supposed to corrwectly model for your post.)

    and in biology, the teacher says, its ok, to change the frog to the full sized fred (sceleton model) , and you realize you are still in school to be a doctor, or maybe its just a dream, and you not really a rn urse or certified surgeon trying to diescet sommething, you just want to put the text in proper order to make a pot of words.

    So try to get dead fred's comment out of there as soon as possable in a post, and not get cut during the slice and dice of typing something that you thought up while the dead reads out the decriptic infos (not therorys) on someting that you may want to suject to an interior of an (text editor__) spell corrected thought , that is in your bam flash memory stoage, and not kept after you type and save it.

    anyways I have inafficent engery to post information in a afterdead manner, and save it too.
    i a frog that has a ufo underwater in a sea near sewden uh sweetie ice cream that stays frozen for a long time for some reason, and doesnot taste good from a guru's persoective
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