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    From Marisag@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 30 17:33:06 2019
    One of the games I have worked on that I am most fond of is Conquest. It's a top-down 2d multiplayer realtime shooter in a Star Trek theme. The main support site is at https://conquest.gameplayer.club/ and you can see the GUI version there. But for BBS's there is a pure ANSI version that you can add as a door to your BBS and point it to the main public server.

    You can get the BBS client file from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/conquest-bbs/ - I have only tested this with the Linux version of SBBS, so YMMV.... Also, you will want to make sure your players know they need a full 80x25 (or greater) screen for it to work. On some telnet clients if you have it set to 80x25 but have the status line enabled, the apps will see that as being a 80x24 screen. In Syncterm you can set it to 80x28 and it will work fine. Of course you could turn off the status line before connecting to the BBS in question...

    If you need any help just ask! I would like to set up regular play times so we can get more active team playing. Hope to have you join us!

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