• suggestion for e-white tofu 65% build

    From maidq@21:1/5 to All on Mon Sep 27 03:16:08 2021
    I am thinking of building a keyboard
    Case: Tofu 65% E-White
    PCB: Hot-Swap DZ65RGB v2
    Stabilizer: Durock Stabilizer V2 PCB Mounted Screw-in
    Plate: Aluminium
    Switch: Banana-split + Lavender
    I currently have 3 keycaps only
    1. GMK Laser
    2. Akko Neon
    3. NP Crayon PBT
    So, I want to know if there are any interesting keycaps to use with the new build.
    Ps. Ready to ship would be nice. I have bought some from https://keycapscustom.com/. They are all nice but the shipping is not really fast. Thank you!

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