• Windows 98 boot disk

    From Rob Mccart@21:1/175 to MRO on Thu Aug 20 00:26:00 2020
    install of Win98, I have Win98.img and a Win98Boot.img... however, even following the article to a tee I can't get past instructions #08 (Well I'm stuck AT #08...). I can't get dosbox to boot into Win98. :/

    pretty sure dosbox wont run win98

    More for testing it and messing with it than for any real reason I have run DosBox in Win 98SE with fairly good results. There was an issue for a while getting it to access a modem to dial out but, well, after a lot of messing around it seemed to heal up on its own with no obvious cause...
    Settings were right that the dialing should have worked and the main Port settings were not changed when it did start working..
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