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    I did not realize that DOS would run on small appliances like palmtops. I always figured they used some proprietary OS. That is pretty neat.


    Yeah, I was quite surprised that it was running MS-DOS 5.0. It's a slimmed down version with the bare essentials on the ROM. You can get it to boot off a PCMCIA Flash card and run a full version if you wanted to bad enough. I find the built in software really nice.

    I always thought of MS-DOS 5.0 as the most stable release that MS had. The first 80x86 machine I ever bought, a 386DX, had 5.0 installed. I
    eventually upgraded it to 6.22. I had it loaded with Desqview. It ran
    like a top!

    Theres a Word Processor, Lotus 123, HP Calc, Data Base, Appointment book, Filer that's much like Norton Commander, Data Base, and a Terminal program. You can drop out of the GUI at any time and go to the command prompt or reboot fully in DOS with no built in software in ram.
    I have to give HP credit in that they really put a lot of thought in building and coming up with a nice system that fits in your pocket.
    Best of all it runs about 2 months on 2 AA alkaline batteries.

    Lotus was a big deal back then, before MS Word and Excel took over the
    market. That does sound like a neat little machine that may have been
    ahead of its time.

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