• Appeals for demosceners/musictracker scene

    From hyjinx@80:505/18 to All on Sat Sep 18 17:35:30 2021
    Greetings one and all, It's that time again when I get to the editing
    floor for the next episode of "Back to the BBS". This episode covers
    the Demoscene and the Music Tracker scene. I have three fabulous
    interviews already: Purple Motion and Skaven of the PC Demoscene's Future
    Crew, who talk about being in the Future Crew and trackermusic in general, although they don't talk much about the semantics of /how/ to create tracker music, which is a shame (nudge, nudge, Onky!). The other interviews are demoscene related, onewith Jim Leonard, whom some of you may know better as YouTube's 'The OldSkoolPC', or perhaps Trixter or even Mobygamer, the author
    of mobygames.com. He covers amongst many things, the coding of 8088 Corruption and 8088 MPH demos on original IBM PC CGA hardware.

    Finally, I talk with a new coder of demos on retro platforms, Bill Hart,who runs another YouTube channel, "Pc Retro Tech". It's all shaping up to be a
    kick ass episode as-is, but if you have a contact, or you, yourself are
    someone who makes tracker music, or makes/made demos, be it for Commodore, PC, heck, even Atari ST, I'd love to have an interview with you. If you could give me a shout ASAP that would be great. The editing of the episode has already begun, and I'd like to wrap it within two weeks.


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