• [ANSI] Commodore Vic20 -> C64 -> C128 ->Amiga 2000

    From David@80:774/108 to All on Sat Mar 20 21:01:33 2021
    I was so happy to get my VIC20. I played on that until my fing
    ers hurt from typing in all the programs saving them to tap
    e.But I think my Grandmother, saw that I was only able to do
    "simple" stuff withthe Vic, and told me to get the next one
    in line. I got a C64 and a disk drive.OMG, "a whol'
    new world!" opened up for me. I started by entering all thep
    rograms from Compute! By and by I learned how program on my own and w
    as doingthings I probably should not have been doing. We had
    game nights where my high school friends would come over a
    nd we would play like Leaderboard Golf ora wizard in a dunge
    on game. All this led me to the C128 where I was exp
    anding my programming and learningCP/M and C128 basic. I was
    going somewhere now. But it all led back to theGolf or what
    ever game I could find. Fast Forward......................
    Amiga 2000 w/ 4MB RAM, Genlock, Video Camera, VHS recorder...and so on. I gu essit helped I had a really good job then. I made some overl
    ayed commericals andtraining...All good. I so miss all my me
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