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    From hyjinx@80:505/18 to All on Wed Aug 18 17:06:03 2021
    Here's some updates at Al's
    Geek Lab!16/08/
    2021 � NEW CoinInfo is a new mod by me
    ! It displays� near real-
    time information on the top 10 crypto�
    currencies using CoinGecko's API
    s! I will be adding� more
    to its functionality over the weeks!� C
    heck it out from the '[G] More S
    tuff' menu!�1
    4/08/2021 � NEW Message Networ
    k: RetroNet!� I
    'm very happy to have RetroNet FTN
    on the BBS� so that you can get your chat on
    about all� things Retro computing
    , which is ideal for� Al'
    s Geek Lab since that's what we
    're all about!�06
    /08/2021 � NEW File Areas
    & Uploads!
    A wonderful world of retro goodness awaits ...

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